Dr. Stephen Grable is a board-certified internal medicine physician.
Dr. Grable was trained in chelation through the American College for the Advancement of Medicine in 1996. Since then, he has supervised thousands of chelation infusions. In addition to keeping current with traditional medicine, he has had extensive exposure to a variety of alternative techniques and is a student of Lee Cowden, MD. He has studied extensively under Dr. Jeff Bland, a biochemist who ran Dr. Linus Pauling’s laboratory, and his training includes subjects such as frequency specific microcurrent, electrodermal screening, PEMF, IV therapy, Alfa thermometry, homeopathy, and homotoxicology. He has numerous certifications in these areas. He started a complementary medicine practice in 1996. This involves the combining of traditional western medicine and alternative medicine. Dr. Grable’s philosophy is to try and discover the physical, mental and spiritual roots of a patient’s illness. By utilizing generally non-toxic therapies such as acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, energetic medicine and others, many can be helped. Medicine is used when needed.

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