Vitl Review: Can These Tests & Supplements Really Help Improve Health?

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Vitl offers DNA and blood testing and a vitamin delivery service. You can purchase tests from $60 to $135, and vitamins from $14 to $30+. Vitamins can be shipped to most of Europe, Australia, and the US. Tests are only available in a few selected countries.


  • Offers DNA and blood testing
  • Vitamins delivery service


  • Small number of SNPs analyzed per report
  • Only tests a limited number of lab markers
  • Tests are only available in a few selected countries
  • No DNA raw data or lab results upload

About Vitl

Vitl was founded in 2015 by CEO Jonathan Relph, who previously worked in the finance industry before moving to supplements and health.

The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Their vitamin packs can be delivered to most of Europe, Australia, and the US. The DNA test is available in a few countries in Europe and the US, while blood tests can only be shipped within the UK.

Review of Vitl Products & Features

Vitl offers DNA and blood testing for nutrients and vitamins users can take at home.

The Vitamin DNA Test analyzes a few SNPs and provides information on how likely users are to are trouble absorbing or converting 12 vitamins and minerals.

The DNA Nutrition Test includes 40 genetic traits, divided into 6 categories:

  • Vitamins and nutrients
  • Diet and intolerances
  • Skin and hair
  • Fitness and body composition
  • Pregnancy and fertility
  • Sleep and energy

The information presented in the Vitamin DNA Test is also included in the DNA Nutrition Test.

The Vitamins & Cholesterol Blood Test analyzes 10 blood markers such as vitamin D, iron, and cholesterol, and is available as a quarterly subscription.

When you sign up, Vitl requires you to take an initial questionnaire, which includes questions such as age, gender, dietary and lifestyle habits, and health goals.

Both DNA tests require a cheek swab saliva sample, while the blood test requires a finger-prick blood sample. DNA results are ready in 2 to 3 weeks. Blood test results are available within 48 hours.

Vitl does not allow you to upload raw DNA data or past test results to gain insights into your health.

Vitl Vitamins

Vitl has a variety of standard supplements, which aren’t personalized to the user. They are divided into 4 categories:

  • Health Goals
  • Multivitamins
  • Women’s Health
  • Pocket Packs

They also offer two options for personalized vitamins:

  • Personalized Pack: 28-day supply, 4 pills per day.
  • Essential One: 30-day supply, 1 pill per day.

The company claims vitamins can be personalized based on test results and self-reported information from the intake quiz. Keep in mind that the tests only analyze a small number of SNPs and lab markers, possibly leaving out many that may affect overall health. Because of this, you might not receive the fullest picture of your health.

Review of Vitl Reports

Vitl DNA results are ready within 4 weeks of sending the sample back for analysis. They send an email when the sample is received by the lab and another when the results are ready for viewing. Users can access the results from their account.

Below you can view a sample vitamin DNA report, in which Vitl tells users their likelihood of having a trait.

Vitl Review Sample Report

The report includes a few tips on how to improve each trait, as can be seen below. However, these are very generic and not based on genetic results. The company does not explain why each recommendation is made, or how it relates to a user’s genetic variants.

You can see recommendations from Vitl in the sample report below.

Vitl Health Recommendations

Users can view some details about each trait, and how it can affect overall health. It’s worth noting that Vitl does not include links to peer-reviewed scientific studies to support their statements here or anywhere else in the reports.

Vitl Vitamins DNA Report

Vitl includes a section with a brief explanation of how each gene can affect a trait. In the example report below, the company examines 3 genes and 3 genetic variants related to B12 absorption. Then, it informs users of which variants they carry and how each variant is associated with the trait.


Blood test results are available within 2 days. Users can see an overview of their results from their dashboard. Vitl displays whether you have deficient or healthy levels of each blood marker. You can expand on each result by clicking on the marker.

Vitl Blood Tests

The report includes a section detailing what the results mean, and Vitl claims to offer diet and lifestyle tips to improve each marker. The company does not display the functional ranges for each marker, or what you can do to optimize your labs.

Below you can view a sample report for cholesterol ratio.

Vitl Cost

Vitl has a few options for at-home testing:

  • Nutrition DNA Test ($135)
  • Vitamin DNA Test ($60)
  • Vitamin & Cholesterol Blood Test ($60)

They also offer a variety of supplements with different prices:

  • Personalized vitamins ($30)
  • Essential One ($20)
  • Multivitamins ($14 – $20)
  • Women’s Health ($30)
  • Pocket Packs ($9 – $12)

Vitl Free Trial

Vitl offers two free trials that run at various times during the year.

  • A 2-week version for the 4-Pill Personalized Pack
  • A 30-day version for the Essential One

In both cases, customers need to pay for postage. There are no Vitl free trials for DNA or blood testing services.

Vitl Privacy & Data Security

Vitl claims samples are destroyed after analysis by the laboratory. If a user wishes to have their data deleted from their database, they can send a request via email.

They may share user personal data with any member of their group, which means Sequence Nutrition Limited, as the ultimate holding company, and its subsidiaries. They may also share personal data with selected third parties, including business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Health Recommendations from Vitl

Vitl offers health recommendations to help users improve their health, but they are limited in their scope and not personalized to the user’s unique genetic variants. In the example report shown above, the company only included three general tips on how to optimize vitamin B12 levels.

On top of that, the company only analyzes a few genetic variants and blood markers to generate reports and recommendations, possibly leaving out many that can affect overall health.

Vitl Reviews

Trustpilot – 4.5 of 5 stars

Many customers complain that the vitamins have a bad taste and smell. One customer shares that they wish Vitl tests were more comprehensive and provided a full breakdown and analysis of the results. Another customer reports that their DNA results were interesting, but contradicting.

Amazon – 4.1 of 5 stars

One customer comments that the results they received were very vague and that Vitl didn’t provide guidance on what to do with their results. Another reviewer shares that they received only general information they could easily find on the internet, not personalized results.

Alternatives to Vitl

Vitl’s approach of combining DNA and blood tests to recommend supplements is a good one, albeit they may lack when it comes to the number of DNA and lab markers they analyze. They only cover a small number of health topics, and recommendations are not personalized based on users’ genetic variants.

For a more comprehensive approach to health, SelfDecode could be a good alternative. SelfDecode uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from a typical DNA file. Best of all, you can upload your DNA for free to receive insights into your genetic predispositions and personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your genes.

You can discover a personalized all-in-one supplement formula to help you optimize your health based on your genes.

By signing up to SelfDecode you will have access to a lab analyzer tool for insights into over 1,000 lab markers. Upload your past test results to find out where your levels are from their optimal range, and what impact each marker has on your health.

SelfDecode gives you detailed explanations of each lab marker, and what possible health effects you may experience from suboptimal levels. You can track results over time and watch them improve by implementing your recommendations.



Personalized & holistic health recommendations




Free DNA and lab analysis, DNA and lab testing, wellness reports, research-based personalized health recommendations, lab test analyzerDNA and blood testing, personalized vitamins serviceDNA and blood testing, personalized vitamins service

DNA and at-home health testing; diet, fitness, skin, and supplement reports

Genes & lab markers analyzed

Up to 83 million genetic variants and over 1,000 lab markersAround 40 genes and 10 blood markersAround 50 genetic variants and 5-6 blood markers

A few SNPs per report

Raw data access



Cost (USD)

Start free

$149 for DNA kit + health insights

$399 for DNA kit + premium insights

$60 – $135 for tests

$14 – $33+ per month for supplements

$99 – $178 for tests

$70/month for supplements

$49 – $139

Vitl Review Summary

Vitl offers DNA and blood testing covering a limited number of health topics. They offer diet and lifestyle suggestions to help you improve your health, but these are general and not very comprehensive. You can also purchase supplements which Vitl claims are personalized to your results and answers to their intake questionnaire.

Keep in mind that their tests only look at a few genetic variants and lab markers, which may not provide you with the fullest picture of your health. By analyzing only 40 genes and 10 lab markers, Vitl may possibly be leaving out many that can affect overall health.

If you’re looking for a DNA test that gives you a more holistic approach to health, you should check out SelfDecode.

You can upload DNA and lab results for free to SelfDecode to receive personalized health insights and recommendations tailored specifically to you, including a personalized supplement formula based on your genes.

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