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InsideTracker Review: What You Need To Know + What’s Missing?

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InsideTracker offers DNA and lab testing focused on health. Lab tests cost between $119 to $589, with the option to add DNA insights. A DNA kit costs $249. Learn more about this company in this InsideTracker review.


  • Offers DNA and lab insights
  • Some tests are available internationally
  • Some plans allow users to upload past lab results


  • No personalized health recommendations based on DNA
  • Plans can be expensive and have multiple paid add-on options
  • Their most comprehensive plan only analyzes 43 lab markers and 261 genetic markers
  • Only accepts raw DNA data from 23andMe and Ancestry

About InsideTracker

InsideTracker is a lab and DNA testing company founded in 2009 by Christian Reich, David Lester, and Gil Blander. It was only in 2017 that they started doing DNA analysis, and in 2019 they launched their DNA kit.

The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Review of InsideTracker Products & Features

InsideTracker offers blood and DNA tests directly to consumers. You can purchase lab tests and a DNA test separately or add DNA insights to your lab analysis, and vice versa. You can also upgrade your plan at any time.

InsideTracker Blood Tests

Each InsideTracker blood test includes a set number of biomarkers analyzed (up to 43). Users can purchase lab tests from the company, or they can upload past results, although this option is not available for all plans.

InsideTracker offers the following plans:

  • Ultimate: 43 total biomarkers + upload past test results
  • Essential: 13 total biomarkers
  • Home Kit: 7 total biomarkers + upload past results
  • InnerAge 2.0: 14 total biomarkers for females or 18 for males
  • Blood Results Upload: Up to 43 biomarkers (blood test not included)

Blood results are ready to be viewed 5 to 7 days after the blood draw. The company recommends you retest every few months.

InsideTracker DNA Test

InsideTracker offers a cheek swab DNA test that looks at up to 261 genetic markers related to 29 wellness traits in the following areas:

  • Weight
  • Aging
  • Performance
  • Sensitivities
  • Sleep

DNA results can take 4 to 6 weeks to be ready. You can also choose to upload your 23andMe or Ancestry raw file to gain access to InsideTracker’s DNA reports. DNA tests are only available in the US and Canada.

Review of InsideTracker Reports

Once you receive your InsideTracker blood test results, you can view them from your dashboard.

InsideTracker dashboard

Here, you can quickly view a few key results, such as which test you took, biomarker ranges, and a list of daily actions InsideTracker claims will help you improve your overall health. On your dashboard, you can also see your test timeline and access your food list.

From your biomarker results page, you can find your latest results for each marker. Your past blood test results are presented in a graph where you can easily view trends. InsideTracker includes the optimal range for each biomarker and a few health recommendations to help improve the marker.

As can be seen from the sample report below, they provide a list of foods that may help with each biomarker, but limited supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

InsideTracker blood tests

Regarding the DNA insights, the results are provided as a PDF file. You’ll find a description of the trait or condition analyzed and what your genetic risks are. If you purchased the DNA report in conjunction with labs, you can also view your lab results here.

Keep in mind that InsideTracker does not provide personalized health recommendations based on DNA. In the example below, the report points the user to their lab results dashboard to learn more about how to optimize LDL cholesterol.

InsideTracker DNA test

It’s also worth noting that the report only looks at up to 36 genetic markers that can affect LDL cholesterol. This means InsideTracker could be potentially leaving out many that can affect your health. For comparison, SelfDecode’s Blood Sugar report alone analyzes over 1 million genetic variants and provides personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. What’s more, SelfDecode’s lab analyzer offers insights on over 1,000 lab markers and suggestions on how to improve your levels.

You can upload your DNA to SelfDecode for free to get started.

InsideTracker Cost

InsideTrackers offers a variety of tests and price ranges:

  • Ultimate ($589)
  • Essentials ($189)
  • Home Kit ($299)
  • InnerAge 2.0 ($179)
  • Blood Results Upload ($119)
  • DNA Kit ($249)

For an additional fee, you can add DNA insights to your blood analysis, and vice versa.

Prices include the cost of one test and lifetime access to those results and your account. With the Blood Results Upload plan, you can upload up to 30 sets of results.

Health Recommendations from InsideTracker

InsideTracker only offers health recommendations based on blood analysis. Their DNA test focuses solely on providing your genetic potential in certain wellness areas. To gain more personalized insights on how to optimize your health, you’ll need to rely on blood test results.

The InsideTracker blood test only analyzes up to 43 biomarkers in their most complete package, which may seem limited compared to other alternatives. Their DNA report also only analyzes 261 genetic markers and does not offer much guidance on how to address your genetic predispositions.

Review of InsideTracker Privacy & Data Security

InsideTracker claims their website is HIPAA compliant and that user information is not shared without consent. They may disclose personal data as described in their privacy policy.

The company may use anonymous genetic data for research and development purposes, but they claim that users are asked to voluntarily sign a separate permission document. They warn that it’s possible that this data could expose identifiable information.

Research partners may include commercial or non-profit organizations.

InsideTracker Reviews

Trustpilot – 25 Customer Average Rating of 4.2 of 5 stars

One customer says the information provided is “very good, but not cutting edge”. They say the DNA insights they received were limited and point out that there are no updates provided by the company. Many customers do not enjoy the app-only experience from InsideTracker.

PCmag – 3.5 of 5 stars

The expert reviewer appreciates the fast results and interactive dashboard, but points out that there are not many lifestyle recommendations given aside from dietary. They also dislike that the company does not take into consideration other important health data in their analysis.

Alternatives to InsideTracker

InsideTracker’s approach of combining labs and DNA analysis is a good one, although they may lack when it comes to execution. By only analyzing a limited number of gene and lab markers, they may be potentially leaving out many that can play a role in overall well-being.

For a more comprehensive approach to health, SelfDecode could be a good alternative. SelfDecode uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from a typical DNA file.

You can upload your DNA to SelfDecode or get a SelfDecode DNA kit to receive the most accurate genetic predisposition scores and personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your unique DNA.

When you sign up, you’ll also get access to a lab analyzer tool for insights into over 1,500 lab markers to find out where your levels are from their optimal range, track them over time, and get detailed explanations on how they affect your health.

By combining DNA, labs, and lifestyle data, SelfDecode is able to provide a complete picture of your health.

SelfDecode also offers cutting edge ancestry analysis with in-depth ethnicity percentage breakdown, as well as a color-coded map that can help you easily discover where you’re from. You’ll be able to trace your maternal lineage back through the ages, learning where they started in the world, and the journey that they took to get to where you are today. Ancestry Insights is only available with a SelfDecode DNA kit.


  SelfDecode InsideTracker WellnessFX DNAfit
Personalized & holistic health recommendations Yes Yes (limited) No No
Genes & lab markers analyzed Up to 83 million genetic variants and over 1,000 lab markers 261 genetic markers and 43 lab markers 50+ lab markers Limited number of genes per report
Products DNA testing, health & trait reports, research-based health recommendations, lab test analyzer, ancestry Blood and DNA testing, health and fitness reporting Lab test packages, practitioner consultations, informational blog posts Whole exome sequencing, fitness and health reports
Raw data access Yes No N/A No
Cost (USD) Start free

Plans from $99-$249

$119 – $589 $78 – $925 $49 – $629

InsideTracker Review Summary

InsideTracker aims to provide you with a full picture of your health by combining your DNA and lab information. However, they only analyze a few lab and genetic markers, meaning the results you receive might not represent the most complete analysis.

By getting tested with this company, you’ll get a breakdown of your lab results and mostly dietary recommendations to help you improve your levels. When it comes to DNA, InsideTracker will only provide you with your genetic risks, but no personalized suggestions based on your genes.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive analysis of your DNA and labs, SelfDecode could be a good option. SelfDecode uses predictive algorithms to analyze around 83 million genetic variants, giving you the most accurate health & ancestry data based on your genetics.

You can upload your DNA for free to learn your genetic predispositions and get personalized insights into your health.

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