WellnessFX Review: Can These Tests Actually Help You Boost Health?

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WellnessFX offers lab testing and analysis. Users purchase tests online, visit a local lab to get their sample taken, and receive their results online. The company does not offer at-home testing. Prices range from $78 to $925 for tests.


  • Allows users to upload previous lab results.
  • Results tracking.
  • Offers health consultations for an additional cost.


  • Users cannot drag and drop previous lab results into an automatic reader, they need to manually enter their results.
  • No personalized health recommendations in the reports.
  • Limited number of lab markers analyzed.
  • Only test packages are available. Users cannot purchase single tests.
  • No at-home testing kits.
  • Does not analyze other health data such as genetics or lifestyle.

About WellnessFX

WellnessFX is a health startup that offers blood tests to their consumers. The company was founded in 2010 by Brent Vaughan and Jim Kean, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

They received $15M in funding. Their last funding was raised in December 2011 from a Series B round.

Review of WellnessFX Products & Features

WellnessFX offers blood tests in the form of packages. Currently, the company has the following packages available:

  • Main Packages
    • e-Checkup
    • Baseline
    • Performance
    • Premium
  • Specialty Packages
    • Advanced Thyroid
    • Women’s Health
    • Omegas
    • Advanced Heart Health

To get started, consumers need to purchase a test on the website, print their lab order, and visit a local lab. The company does not offer at-home testing. Results are available on their online portal.

Users can also choose to purchase health consultations with a nutritionist, dietitian, naturopathic doctor, or medical doctor. The practitioner will review the lab results and answer questions. They may also make recommendations, which are added to the user’s account after 24 to 48 hours. Consultations are conducted over the phone.

The company also offers a free upload service that allows users to upload previous test results for better data visualization and limited insights.

Review of WellnessFX Reports

WellnessFX claims results are ready within 3 to 10 business days and are automatically uploaded to the user’s account.

Each report breaks down a main health topic. As can be seen in the sample report below, users can navigate results by category.

First, the company presents a basic overview of the subject. In the example below, you can view the Cardiovascular Health category, which includes a basic lipid panel. The company displays a brief explanation of what is covered by the test and a visualization of the results.

WellnessFX review dashboard

By clicking on a marker, the report expands on the results. You can view a graphical representation of past results and if you are at low, moderate, or high risk. The report also provides an explanation of the marker.

You can view a sample cholesterol result below.

WellnessFX review results

WellnessFX also includes a list of recommendations in the form of short bullet points. Keep in mind these are very simplistic and not personalized to your results. The company also does not include scientific references to support their suggestions.

You can view a sample LDL result below.

WellnessFX review recommendations

Overall, the reports are not extraordinarily detailed, but they can help users better visualize their results.

From the dashboard, users can also upload previous test results. However, the graphical interface is not very user-friendly, and all results must be manually entered. The company does not offer a drag-and-drop feature where users can automatically upload their results from a PDF or image file.

You can view the lab results upload feature below.

WellnessFX Cost

WellnessFX prices vary depending on the package you choose. They are divided into Main Packages and Specialty Packages.

  • Main Packages:
    • e-Checkup ($78)
    • Baseline ($198)
    • Performance ($497)
    • Premium ($925)
  • Specialty Packages
    • Advanced Thyroid ($163)
    • Women’s Health ($384)
    • Omegas ($99)
    • Advanced Heart Health ($374)

Users can create a free account and upload previous test results for analysis. Tests are generally not covered by insurance, but they are eligible to be redeemed through HSA/FSA benefits.

Consultations range from $75 to $225, depending on the health professional and duration.

Health Recommendations from WellnessFX

WellnessFX does provide some basic and superficial suggestions with the results. However, these are general and not personalized to your results. They also do not include scientific references to support their suggestions.

Users have the option to purchase consultations with a health practitioner. Recommendations may be provided during the consultation, but users will only have access to these suggestions from their accounts 24 to 48 hours after the consultation.

Review of WellnessFX Privacy & Data Security

WellnessFX claims to take steps to keep user information secure. They state they employ “reasonable” physical, electronic, and managerial security methods to help protect against unauthorized access to user data.

They may use consumer data to conduct research if you consent to the use of your information for this purpose.

WellnessFX Reviews

There aren’t many WellnessFX reviews online. On Top Consumer Reviews, the company received a rating of 3.5 of 5 stars. They highlight how the company does not offer single tests, so consumers may risk purchasing tests they don’t need.

Consumers Advocate rated the company 3.8 of 5 stars.

On the Apple App Store, they received 2.8 of 5 stars, based on 29 ratings. Users report constant crashing of the app, while another cited poor interface for lab results. A few reviewers report that the app hasn’t been updated in a while and question if it was abandoned.

Alternatives to WellnessFX

WellnessFX offers a service that allows you to find out more about your lab results. Although they offer consultations with health professionals for an additional cost, the reports are not very detailed, and they do not offer much guidance on what to do with the results.

The company only offers packaged tests, and few to no health recommendations. If you want to understand your labs and take control of your health by making targeted changes to your lifestyle based on your results, there may be other WellnessFX competitors you should consider.

SelfDecode Labs will analyze your labs and provide insights into over 1,000 lab markers. Upload your past test results or purchase lab tests from SelfDecode to find out where your levels are from their optimal range, and receive tailored suggestions on how to improve them. You can drag and drop a PDF or image file to easily analyze your results.

You can view and track your results over time to identify trends and make changes based on what works best for your body.

WellnessFX competitor

But that’s not all you get with a membership. SelfDecode offers DNA testing and uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants. You can either get a SelfDecode DNA test or upload your preexisting raw DNA file.

With SelfDecode, you’ll receive the most accurate genetic risk scores and personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your unique DNA and labs.

By combining DNA, labs, and environmental data, SelfDecode is able to provide you with the fullest picture of your health. You can easily build your own health plan by adding your personalized recommendations directly from DNA and lab reports, and set the frequency and duration of each recommendation to best fit your lifestyle.



WellnessFX imaware


Personalized & holistic health recommendations

Yes No No

Yes (limited)


DNA and lab testing, wellness reports, research-based personalized health recommendations, lab test analyzer Blood tests, health consultations At-home blood tests

Lab testing & reports, health plans

Genes & lab markers analyzed

Up to 83 million genetic variants and over 1,000 lab markers Up to ~90 lab markers A few lab markers per test kit

Less than 50 lab markers

Lab results upload

Yes Yes No


Cost (USD)

$97 – $396 $78 – $925 $69 – $299 per test

Average of $90 every three months

WellnessFX Review Summary

With WellnessFX, consumers can better visualize their blood test results and receive limited insights into their health. The health consultations can help users dig deeper into their health, but they cost extra and require more steps to receive personalized health recommendations. For those who wish to take control of their health, this might pose a barrier.

The company only offers a limited range of test packages and does not allow users to purchase single tests. They do not provide personalized health recommendations based on the test results in the reports, only superficial suggestions for each marker.

Other companies such as SelfDecode offers tailored advice based on your DNA and lab results to help you optimize your health. SelfDecode analyzes up to 83 million genetic variants and over 1,000 lab markers to give you a full picture of your health.

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